“A solid blend of scientific hypothesis and philosophy, The Complementary Nature of Reality is a thought-provoking exploratory treatise.” — Small Press Bookwatch


The Complementary Nature of Reality is a book dealing with an old issue in a very systematic and elaborative way for the first time — the complementarity of nature and its relevance for the scientific understanding of reality.... [T]he book demonstrates that any good theory of science must be compatible with a viable model of cognition.” — The Radical Humanist


“[M]any fundamental notions as they appear in physics are engaged with, [in] this remarkably brave work.... I recommend this book as useful and bracing to those who share [Barab’s] desire to reconceptualize physics but also to those, such as myself, who are now motivated to explore more deeply and historically, a complementary view of the world; the possibility that unity is a dual.”

— Interdisciplinary Science Reviews


“Connectivity and the essence of nature, theory building and theory evaluation, and above all a unified model of nature, are all examined through the complementary framework ... Not only the canvas of the book but also the arguments that are put in place are laudable. Barab’s The Complementary Nature of Reality is a priceless contribution to the field of science studies.”

— Science Communication